Necessities for warm cute dogs

There are so many kinds of dog products in the market, thousands of kinds. Today Gloria will help you sort them out. Many pet owners have not bought all the 10 kinds of products that dog owners must buy. Which one do you buy less?

  • Dog cage, dog nest
    The dog cage and the dog’s Nest are supplies for the dog to sleep. It is recommended to put the dog in the cage when you go out, which will be safer. As for the dog’s nest, the weather is cold recently. It is suggested to add more blankets to keep warm.
  • Traction rope/collar
    Pull rope or collar, you need to wear it when you go out, this is to prevent the dog from being lost, it is best to write the dog’s name and pet owner’s contact information on the collar, maybe you can find it back if you lost it like this.
  • Food bowl and water dispenser These are the utensils that dogs need to use when eating. It will be better to separate the dog food and water. Try not to use plastic material in the food bowl. It is suggested to choose those Ball water dispensers to prevent the hair on the mouth of dogs from getting wet.
  • Special shower gel The skin pH of dogs is different from that of people. Therefore, if you take a bath with human body wash, it will easily lead to skin diseases and hair loss. It is recommended to choose a special body wash for dogs, which is less irritant.
  • Comb, knot opener If you raise a dog, you should comb the hair of the dog. Otherwise, the hair of the dog is easy to knot and it will become very ugly. It is not recommended to choose the bad comb and knotter, but the bad ones will only hurt the dog, and it is not durable.
  • Towel, hair dryer After taking a bath, the dog needs to use a towel and a hair dryer. It is better to choose the towel with better water absorption. As for the hair dryer, you can choose the suitable one you like at will.
  • Toys, snacks Pet owners also need to choose some toys and snacks for dogs, and they can choose grinding toys, such as rubber toys and so on. When biting for dogs, they can clean their teeth by the way. As for snacks, pet owners had better choose some nutritious dog snacks, which can also be used for training.
  • Dog toothpaste, toothbrush The mouth of the dog is smelly. In order to remove the peculiar smell, the dog also needs to brush his teeth and prepare a toothbrush and toothpaste for the dog. If the dog doesn’t want to brush his teeth, don’t force the dog, you can feed some molars snacks such as dried chicken, which can also clean your teeth.
  • Dog food This is the most valuable thing to prepare when raising a dog, because as the staple food of a dog, dog food must be of high quality and health! The best is to choose natural dog food, even if it is expensive, it is better than eating a bad body and seeing a doctor.
  • Nutrition Pet owners had better prepare some nutritious products, such as goat milk powder. Besides feeding dog food, pet owners also feed goat milk powder at ordinary times, which can not only improve appetite, but also supplement more protein and calcium, the nutrition inside the body is higher!

Have you bought all the equipments of your dog? Gloria wishes all friends who keep dogs can enjoy the warmth and happiness of getting along with dogs.