Did you raise a pet pig?

Speaking of keeping pets, pet pigs are also very popular these years. There are many kinds of pet pigs on the market, such as small fragrant pigs, teacup pigs, miniature pigs and so on, with pink and tender small noses and whole body fluff, in addition, the small sparkling eyes make many people fondle admiringly.

Furry, smart and lively pet pigs are so popular in the pet market now. Do you all want to raise a pet pig? What attention should be paid to the feeding and nursing of pet pigs?

Quiet and dry environment
If we like raising pigs, then we should arrange a suitable living environment, because pet pigs have little courage, especially the young pigs, which need to live in a relatively quiet place, in addition, try to choose in a relatively dry environment, which is conducive to the growth of pigs.

Small cold-proof warm
If friends in the north raise pet pigs, they should pay attention to anti-freezing and anti-cold. Pet pigs are small in size and very afraid of cold. When winter comes, you must remember to pave a warm little pigsty for it. Some blankets or small plush quilts should be properly added inside to make it warm for the winter.

Whole milk powder or professional milk powder to feed Cubs
When the little pig is just bought, it usually belongs to the Cubs. At this time, we should feed them attentively. We can feed the whole milk powder of the little pig or professional pet milk powder, about three spoons of milk powder will be brewed into 100CC milk every time, and an egg can also be added.

Add supplementary food properly
When feeding the pig for about two months, we can begin to consider adding some direct food to the pig. For example, we can feed the pig with a small amount of solid food. It is better to have the solid food soaked in water, at this time, you can start to try to feed some fruits, vegetables and other foods of small fragrant pigs.

Master the correct posture of holding pigs
When we hold the pig, we should take care to pick it up slowly from the scapula of the pig. If you find that the pig often shouts when it is picked up, then you should not hold it up reluctantly, because this will not only make the little pig bite people because of tension, but also be harmful to the health of the little pig.

Summer small heatstroke prevention
The pet pig is very lively, and the pig is hot in summer, so in summer, we have to prepare a suitable bathtub for the pig, and take a bath for the pig in about three days, it can effectively cool the pig down, and at the same time, you can eat some ice cubes frozen with boiled water!