Elegant gorgeous and remarkable adorable YorkshireTerrier

When many people first saw the picture of YorkshireTerrier, they always felt pity and couldn’t help wanting to gently touch this little guy, their small figure and gorgeous fur make them become the most remarkable dogs

  • The legend of joksher on the British three islands

In 1861, YorkshireTerrier came on stage for the first time in a dog show in England with the name of “Scottish stalks” with its hair spreading. After the westmoran exhibition in 1970, peoplewere already familiar with the name of ” YorkshireTerrier”, instead of using other names.

Now, the YorkshireTerrier has been popular all over the world. Those breeders who were committed to transforming the shape of the YorkshireTerrier into smaller in the early stage would certainly be surprised by the prosperity of this kind of dog breed. In 1932, there were only 300 YorkshireTerrier stalks registered under the name of BKC. In 1957, the number increased to 2313. In 100 after 1970s, when YorkshireTerrier stalks appeared, YorkshireTerrier became the most popular pet species in Great Britain, and this fashion trend reached its peak until the number of registered 25665 in 1990 s.

  • Ancestor of champion dog

In Britain, the most legendary YorkshireTerrier was a dog named Tosha. At that time, Tosha deserved to be the king. Everyone who had seen it on the court would never forget its figure, in his career, Tosha has won CC for 50 times (CC equals to “challenge certificate” in CKU competition system, which is the referee’s recognition of the dog winning in a dog race, in general, the dog who gains CC must be the best dog in the dog group, but the dog who wins the first place in the dog group may not win CC ). In addition, it once won the BIS of 12 all-dog shows, the RBIS of 16 times, and the 33 groups were the best, and it was also the RBIS of the Kroft dog show in 1978, and for two consecutive years, it continued to be the Top Dog of all Dog breeds in Britain.Tosha has become the ancestor of many champion dogs. Until today, there are a lot of YorkshireTerrier stalks that continue its blood lineage.

YorkshireTerrier ,smart and confident, alert and friendly, with a little stubbornness, they usually like to be spoiled. As the feet will be covered by gorgeous long hairs when walking, as if they are moving naturally, they have the reputation of “moving Gemstones.

YorkshireTerrier got its name because it was born in Yorkshire in the northeast of England, so it was also called YorkshireTerrier, YorkshireTerrier and YorkshireTerrier. The YorkshireTerrier is petite and second only to the doll small dog. Its hair is as smooth as silk, like the hair of a young girl, which flows down from the head, neck and trunk and is dazzling. The head of YorkshireTerrier is often decorated with ribbons, and it has a naughty character. It has the charm of “high-class lady fragrance.

YorkshireTerrier is a very attractive toy dog, charming and smart. Although he is small, he is a brave, loyal and emotional dog. Vigorous, impulsive, brave, but stubborn. Friendly, stubborn, active, quick and quick, enthusiastic and loyal to the host, and retreating from strangers.

The cleaning and hygiene work of YorkshireTerrier is very important. Teeth, eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly, and the quilt should be combed everyday and the quilt should be dry-cleaned weekly. You need to comb your hair before taking a bath in YorkshireTerrier, and tie it gently, which is a test of human patience. Behind the bright and beautiful appearance is a bitter tear of the pet beautician,

YorkshireTerrier can only eat dog food, because its mouth is very picky. If he eats too much food, his hair will turn brown instead of iron blue, so pay attention to choosing suitable dog food.

The exercise volume of YorkshireTerrier should not be too large, and it is enough to walk back and forth at home at ordinary times. If the host wants to take it with him when he is out, he can buy a small basket, put on the foam plastic or cloth, and let it sit in it. Pay attention to the changes such as whether YorkshireTerrier’s actions remain active, whether his mental state is abnormal, whether his appetite suddenly decreases, etc. Once an abnormality is found, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.