How to raise a Siamese cat?

Siamese cat is the world famous short-haired cat and the representative of short-haired cat. This precious cat only grew up in Thailand’s royal palaces and monasteries more than 200 years ago. Now because of the black face, it is called poaching. In fact, it not only has the lovely name of coal digging, but also is called Moon diamond because of its beautiful eyes, and many people regard it as a noble. Let’s see how to raise Siamese cats!

I. Are Siamese cats easy to raise?

It is very easy to raise Siamese cats. As a famous pet cat, Siam cat can better adapt to the local climate, and has strong and powerful character, humor and flexibility, strong curiosity and strong understanding. Like to be with people, you can walk with a belt. It needs the constant caress and care of the master, and is loyal to the deep feelings of the master. If it is forced to separate from the master, it may die of depression. Very smart, can quickly learn to rotate muscles and abandon parabola skills. It is called unique sound or crying like a child, and it sounds very loud.

II. How to raise Siamese cats?

  1. Siamese cats are omnivores, but mainly meat. The daily food that can be fed to cats is mainly divided into dry, canned and semi-ripe. When choosing dry food, attention should be paid to nutritious food, which should contain essential nutrients in food. This kind of food can be used to exercise gums at low prices and is easy to store. Therefore, if possible, try to use this food. Pay attention to supplement enough water when feeding.

2. Siamese cats need to feed cat food or nutrition cream regularly and regularly, and the breeders should also clean them in time to ensure the healthy diet and hygiene of cats. In life, breeders also need to help cats do dental care work, brush their teeth 3 to 4 times a week, conduct oral examination regularly, and clean their teeth when necessary to eliminate tartar, to ensure the oral health of cats.

3. Siamese cats have short hair. Breeders need to help cats comb their hair every day. Comb with professional pet comb, or gently touch with hands. Helping cats comb their hair every day can not only tidy up their hair, but also effectively strengthen their relationship with cats, making them trust and obey themselves more.

4. Siamese cats like cleaning and wiping their hair. It is easy to swallow too much hair, and once a certain amount of hair is accumulated, it is likely to cause cats to spit out yellow water and fur balls, harm intestinal health. Therefore, after Siam cats vomit or vomit fur balls, some pet probiotics should be fed, which is a pet probiotics and specially regulates the intestinal health of cats.

III. Feeding skills of Siamese cats.

  1. Siamese cats are very sensitive to cold, so the cat litter of Siamese cats must be in warm places. Finally, it can be exposed to direct sunlight during the day, while it will not catch a cold at night. The cat Prince is very picky about his cat litter, so the setting of the cat nest must be comfortable enough, otherwise the cat may not want to sleep.

2. Siamese cats have very beautiful fur. I like it very much. Be careful when doing fur treatment for Siamese cats. It is usually necessary to take a bath for Siamese cats. It is necessary to bathe cats every once in a while. The most important thing is to comb Siamese cats every day so that they can be refreshed.

3. Siamese cat likes to communicate with the owner’s eyes, so when the owner expresses his love, he can treat it with emotion and family affection, which Siamese cat will understand. Like Siamese cats, hugs often touch them, so owners can often hold Siamese cats to increase their relationship.

4. Siamese cats like fighting, so cats should be isolated when entering the house for the first time. If new pets come to this House, they should also isolate Siam cats, because aggressive Siam is often its reason.

5. Siamese cat is very smart and can learn quickly. Therefore, the owner should not waste the ability of cats, and often train Siamese cats, such as rolling and picking things. Siamese cats are also happy to learn these skills.

IV. Precautions for Siamese cats.

  1. Siamese cat is very jealous. Once it is jealous and has hoarse snoring, it is very troublesome to start losing its temper. Therefore, it is best not to raise other pets at home. If you have already done it, you should have a bowl of water, or love Siamese cats more.
  2. Siamese cat is unpredictable, very sensitive and emotional, so the host must be with you forever, don’t let go, otherwise you will feel depressed, this may be a prince.
  3. The Siamese cat’s voice is hoarse. The owner should not be surprised by the characteristics of the Siamese cat. The host or child often makes fun of the cat’s voice. In fact, Siamese cats know. After a long time, Siamese cats may not be willing to speak to you.
  4. Siamese cats are very popular, and often Cat dealers are not as good as inferior Siamese cats, so you must be very careful when shopping. Do not leave a shadow on the spots on the coat, or the Siamese cat whose eyes are sunk, and whose tail is very twisted.
  5. Siamese cats have estrus earlier than other cats, but their sexual maturity is later than other cats. Therefore, the owner should be careful not to find a spouse for Siamese cats. In fact, this is not good for Siamese cats.