If you have a hedgehog as a pet

African mini hedgehog is fat and short, with a prominent nose and a very sensitive sense of smell. It can smell everywhere with its nose and get familiar with the smell. Its claws are very sharp, but its limbs are very short and small, and its heaviest weight is about 1 kilogram. Its abdomen has thin and soft hair. When the whole body shrinks and connects its head and tail, it will become a ball full of hard thorns, which can resist the enemy’s attack. It moves very quickly and is very smart.

African mini hedgehogs are divided into many colors, including white, brown, Snowflake, brown and white, white and gold, black, chocolate, apricot and champagne, and White from face to abdomen. The simple and lovely appearance of African mini hedgehog is loved by more and more people, and its life span is generally 4~5 years.

  1. Living environment
    It is summer now, and the temperature is generally not very low, but it is not excluded that there is still a little cold in some places, so it is recommended to buy a thermostat to make the temperature above 27℃, otherwise hedgehogs are easy to get sick. The size of the thermostat should not be less than 50 × 40 as far as possible, because the toilet with hedgehog should be placed inside, and there should be food and water (infrastructure) and even small toys. The bottom pad of the feeding box a piece of diaper will make it easier to clean the feeding box. You ‘d better buy another anti-Diamond pad. Hedgehog can really drill. If the weather is hot, use ceramic nests or other cool nests, and cotton nests in winter.

2. Food

To feed hedgehog needs to choose suitable cat food for it. Never feed dairy products. Hedgehog is very sensitive to dairy products. In fact, the nutritional ingredients of cat food as staple food are basically enough. If hedgehogs are not picky about food, they can add some cooked chicken and beef to cut them into small size (do not put salt when cooking), or dried meat (sold online) you can also add fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples as snacks. Bread worms can be properly fed but not more, otherwise hedgehogs are easy to get inflamed and picky about food.

3. Water

Hedgehog can drink water, pure water or cooled boiled water. But try not to give hedgehog tap water directly. (Buy a heavier food plate and water feeder to prevent hedgehog from overturning)

4. Toilet
Hedgehog needs a special toilet. You can buy one on the Internet, or you can find a thicker glass tray (hedgehog likes planing, so you need to buy a heavier one to prevent it from overturning). There is cat litter inside, and the feeder/food plate can be placed in or near the toilet. Hedgehog is a rectum, which can be pulled while eating. About letting the hedgehog know to go to the toilet in the cat litter Basin: At first, the hedgehog may be pulling its Baba for various reasons such as unfamiliar environment, and can put its Baba into the cat litter basin, then clean up the place where it is pulled randomly and remove the smell. After several more operations like this, it will know that it will go to the toilet. (The situation of each hedgehog is different. Be patient)

5. Play with hedgehog
Hedgehog basically sleeps during the day. It is a nocturnal animal. It can wash hands after dinner without any other smell on hands, and then it is extremely slow (extremely slow) put your hand in front of the Hedgehog (when it is awake) to make him familiar with your taste. At this time, it will paint thorns to remember you. Don’t worry. The hedgehog has extremely poor eyesight, if you move big or fast, you will scare it, and then it will burst into thorns and snore. Or you can use food to tempt it into your hands. This is a long process, because hedgehog is timid, don’t worry. If you have time, play with it every day to make it familiar with you.

6. Bath
Don’t bathe hedgehog under three months old, its body can’t stand it. Hedgehog for more than three months, once a month in summer is enough, winter can not wash. Adjust the water temperature, put the hedgehog into the water, don’t choke, the hedgehog is stabbed in the water. Then use a toothbrush or other small brush to brush with a special shower gel, then wash it, drop two drops of olive oil in warm water to soak it, then dry the water or blow it dry, be careful not to catch cold.

If you have a hedgehog, you hope to love it patiently. If you haven’t raised it yet, you need to figure out whether you can satisfy it with what the pet wants, don’t follow the people around you to raise animals. But I believe that as long as you really like keeping pets, you will certainly like them more and more after raising them.