Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers– they were demons when they were young, and they were angels when they grew up

Labrador retrievers is a very smart dog. They are not only as docile and considerate as golden hairs, but also have a warm smile like Samoyed. Because they are easy to be trained, many guide dogs and search and rescue dogs will be trained by them. Today, Gloria will bring you together to know Labrador retrievers ~

  • Origin~

Labrador retrievers is native to England. The ancestor was SaintJones dog which perched in newfinland island in the 18th century, and it was confirmed to live in England in the early 20th century. It becomes the most popular hound for its mild temperament, which is also the reason why it is a first-class companion dog.

  • Rich fur~

Labrador retrievers was once one of the most popular dog breeds, and it ranked the first, because its fur color is rich, including black, red and brown (reddish brown-chocolate color ). The quilt is short and dense, with curly quilt or side fur like golden fur. The tail naturally becomes thin from the tail root to the tail tip, although there is no edge fur, it is completely covered with thick and thick fur, like “the tail of an otter”, which can swing flexibly but won’t roll on the back.

Labrador retrievers has a strong body, wide head, quite backward ear root, not too big and no sense of heaviness, drooping along the head. The chest is wide and deep, and the waist and hip are strong and strong.

  • Gentle and loyal to the host

Gentle temperament, smart and obedient, easy to train, lively and active, loyal to the host, is the first choice for many families as a companion dog. But because Labrador retrievers needs a large amount of momentum every day to ensure its health condition, when urbanization is progressing faster and faster, it returns to the old profession and is widely regarded as a working dog.

At present, Labrador retrievers is engaged in the work of serving dogs, which is to help the disabled with mobility pull the wheelchair, open the door, switch the lights, pick up items and so on, even carry a backpack to help people purchase daily necessities in the supermarket.

Other Labrador retrievers is engaged in more professional services, such as epilepsy warning dogs, which can warn the owner before the disease is about to attack, so that the owner can respond as soon as possible.

There are also a lot of Labrador retrievers in dog doctors. They can follow their masters to visit the sick or lonely old or young children regularly in various hospitals or nursing institutions, and let people touch or talk with them freely, to comfort the injured or lonely heart. In addition, the guide dog and the hearing dog are also the service items that Labrador retrievers engages in, and their appearance makes the human bodies in the world who are inconvenient to live independently happy.

If you bring home a Labrador retrievers puppy, you must teach it to obey some rules. For example, it is the time to excrete when you go out for a walk, because a Labrador retrieversr puppy is very greedy, the excrement every day is enough to shock you. “When I was a kid, I was a demon, and when I grew up, I was an angel.” This is a true summary of Labrador.

In addition, it should be controlled not to be too free and lively, because Labrador retrievers likes to be close to people very much. When strangers show friendship to it, it will rush over, but when its own weight causes it to hit anyone, it will bring great pressure to the people, so the most basic principle is to wear the traction rope when going out and not to let it go casually.

  • Knowledge of maintaining Labrador:

Genetic diseases: trichiasis, hip joint dysplasia, elbow joint dysplasia.
Common diseases: external otitis, conjunctivitis, keratinitis, eczema, arthritis, myopia, retina dysplasia, gradual Retina atrophy.


Trichiasis is a high-incidence disease of Labrador retrievers (Trichiasis refers to the normal growth position of eyelashes or the hair near the skin, but the direction of the later growth faces the cornea. The treatment method can be to cut off the hair around eyes regularly (inexperienced feeding owners often ignore this point); when there are a large number of eyelashes growing abnormally in eyes, surgery is recommended)

The dysplasia of elbow joint refers to a group of developmental diseases of elbow joint, which is a genetic disease controlled by multiple genes. It may be manifested as the outspread or adminstration of elbow joint, pain and no weight bearing. The conservative treatment method is the same as the coronary, although the surgical treatment can correct the stress direction of the joint and make the elbow joint more balanced when walking, it will not change with the operation of arthritis or chondritis which has already appeared.

Generally speaking, Labrador retrievers is born with docile, lively, smart, good at thinking, bold and careful character. At the same time, Labrador retrievers is just like a little child who likes playing. He is very interested in new things and likes all kinds of work. If you train well, when you go out, it can help you take all kinds of things. Labrador retrievers is highly obedient.

Gloria believes that as long as you are willing to spend some time,Labrador retrievers will become a perfect family dog. Now that you have raised him, I hope you can treat it as your family. If you really don’t have time to accompany it, it is suggested to buy some toys or snacks for it so that it won’t be too boring when it is at home.