Mourning for Street Cat Bob: You Are My Light in the Dark

The street cat Bob left…



 Cat Bob, the protagonist of the movie A Street Cat Named Bob, died.

James Bowen, who met cat Bob for the first time in 2007, missed 14-year-old cat Bob in a statement just released.

“Cat Bob saved my life. Cat Bob not only brought me companionship,

but also let me find the goal and direction that I always lacked. “



Cat Bob has met thousands of people and moved millions of hearts. Cat Bob is unique.

The books and movies recording our stories are great memories, and there will be no cat like Bob any more.

“There will never be a cat like Bob again. I feel that my life has lost a ray of light. I will never forget cat Bob.”

In 2007, James Bowen was still a street-wandering and drug addict.
He found cat Bob who was abandoned and injured.


From then on, taking care of cat Bob became his motivation to get up every day.

They soon became familiar and intimate.

In 2012, he wrote a story about himself and Bob into A Street Cat Named Bob.

Later, Cat Bob’s World and Cat Bob’s Gift were successively published.

These books about cat Bob have translated into more than 40 languages. And selling 8 million copies.

The film of the same name adapted from the novel was released in Britain in November 2016.

And in China, in November 2018. Cat Bob also loved by many fans.



Accompanied by cat Bob, James gave up drugs completely and reconciled with his father.

He was also welcomed by readers for writing the book Bob street cat,

which really opened a new chapter of life.

The appearance of cat Bob was like a light, illuminating James’s dark world.

Also, cat Bob makes him back to his real life with confusion. As James himself said,

“it is like someone pulling the curtains. And letting the sunshine shine into my life.”