Plush And Cute American Fuzzy Lop

Pets can bring fun and company to our life. I believe you all have your own favorite pets. The vast majority of people like dogs or cats. Today, I ‘d like to share with you pet rabbits, especially cute rabbits. They are lively, lovely, clean, hygienic and hairy–American Fuzzy Lop

The environment condition of raising American Fuzzy Lop at home is similar to that of raising ordinary rabbits. It is best to put them in a comfortable and quiet place without harassment. The temperature must be kept at 18-24 degrees Celsius, never exceed 28 degrees Celsius.

Also, do not put them in places where the sun shines directly and the air outlet, such as air conditioning device outlets or windows, because too high or too strong wind will make them feel uneasy, it will even affect health, and it will lead to infertility, serious and even death. The owner who cherishes the American Fuzzy Lop should pay attention to it.

As for the pet cage,of course, the bigger the better, the capacity is at least four times the size of American Fuzzy Lop. A proper amount of hay is placed in the cage for them to chew, eat and go to bed at ordinary times. It can be said that it is widely used.

  1. There should be no raw water (especially tap water) on the food fed to rabbits, otherwise rabbits will have diarrhea and lead to death;
  2. If the water content of the food fed to rabbits is high, no water can be fed; Otherwise, pure water or cold boiled water can be fed. The water dispenser of pet rabbit should be small and fixed;

3. It is better to use the upper and lower structure of the rabbit’s cage, and use the tray to connect the rabbit’s urine in the lower layer;

4. Don’t bathe rabbits. Rabbits are more able to clean themselves than cats. To achieve the third point above, it is no problem not to bathe rabbits for several months;

5. Rabbits and dogs both eat feces. The difference is that rabbits only eat their own feces, but there is no need to stop them. Rabbits eat their own feces just like cattle ruminating, so there is no need to stop them;

6. Rabbits are afraid of the cold, so they should make partial bedding in the cage in autumn and winter (do not use newspapers to prevent rabbits from eating and poisoning by mistake). If it is an exposed metal cage, it is better to spread some warm towels or clothes;

7. It is better not to use wood in the rabbit house to prevent the rabbit from damaging the rabbit house for grinding teeth. Put a wood block with moderate hardness in the rabbit house for grinding;

8. There are many foods for rabbits: vegetables (less Chinese cabbage and tomatoes), fruits, Hay (increasing crude fiber is beneficial to reduce the production of fur balls), rice, rice, etc. Green grass is recommended not to be fed unless you can identify poisonous grass; The nutrition of rabbits must be well matched. Of course, you can also buy some special rabbit food.

9. Rabbits and rabbits should be raised in groups. Two words can not be both male, easy to fight and lead to injury and even death. If you are a single child, if you want to be his or her companion, you ‘d better play with him or her for hours every day;
10, rabbit breeding season (May ~ August), men and women should be divided into rooms. Otherwise, you will pay for your understanding of “vigorous reproduction.