Precautions for the owner to love the dog

  • The dog is not obedient, how to train to play happily?

Dogs have developed nervous system, sensitive response, strong receptivity and intelligence, which is also the reason why people like to raise dogs. If trained, can correctly understand the host’s language, commands, gestures and other signals.

Training should follow the principle of easy first and difficult later, step by step, and let the dog complete every movement correctly. If the dog has received some training, it will bring you more fun in the future life.

First of all, train the dog to respond after listening to the instructions. The dog’s hearing is developed and more sensitive than human beings. Therefore, there is no need to shout in the process of training, so as not to make it feel reprimanded. For example, shout out the “sit down” password, after the dog sits down correctly, praise and reward it, the training at this stage is best to be carried out without interference.

After Independent password training, the independent conditioned reflex is combined to form a complete ability. During the training, it is impossible for the dog to be obedient and respond correctly all the time, so we can use some compulsive means to correct the behavior of delaying the execution of the order in time.

After the dog is skilled, he can train these passwords repeatedly in normal environment. If there is outside interference, there will be deviation in execution at first. After doing the right thing, he will reward the dog and correct the mistakes in time, after getting used to it, you can basically take it with you.

In this process, you need to pay attention to the concise and clear password, usually one or two words are enough. At the same time, you can use gestures, which are clean and tidy, and do not be muddy, so as to achieve a certain effect.