Precautions for the owner to love the dog

  • Civilized dog raising, don’t let others have the idea of killing your dog

Among all the pets, the dog should be the most controversial one. Every time when it comes to the issue of keeping a dog, someone says that it is going to be boiled. To be honest, I am also afraid of being bitten by a dog, but we can’t deny the behavior of keeping pets by high-quality people. Almost every day we can see someone coming out with his beloved dog, which makes people not afraid at all. Therefore, many things are not the dog’s problem, it is caused by people.

The dog’s territory consciousness is very strong and aggressive, especially for the children, most of them attack because the children enter its territory. Therefore, in the propaganda of civilized dog breeding, it is required to castrate the dog, because the aggressiveness of the dog will greatly decrease after castration.

There is also an uncivilized behavior of keeping dogs, which is to choose a dog that you can’t control. Have you found that some women take the dog out of the door, not people walk the dog, but dogs run away, the owner can’t control the dog’s behavior, how can he take it out? So we can learn from the previous method of training dogs

We can see some attributes of wolf nature from dogs, but for thousands of years, on the one hand, human beings have weakened their bad habits for human beings, on the other hand, they have kept their good habits for human beings. It can be said that no second species on the Earth has such a variety of characters and uses.

The situation that dogs bite people is common, which is the problem of domestication. Since then, the children who have been attacked will be afraid when talking about dogs in their later life, and the situation of “once bitten by a snake, being afraid of well rope for ten years”.

We must understand and tolerate the existence of people who are contrary to your thoughts. Do people who raise dogs think that dog lives more than human lives? Should you clear up wherever the dog goes? Do people who don’t raise dogs have to slaughter all pet dogs? Everyone should understand each other, civilized dog raising.