Precautions for the owner to love the dog

  • Will dogs live with new pets introduced from their families? Is it jealous?

Many families have more than one pet. Maybe there are cats, or they buy a dog. So what is the reaction of the first dog? First of all, in the family of dogs, the hierarchical order formed by fights has never disappeared, and this balance is maintained between them. When the weak side gets better treatment, they will be attacked by strong dogs.

When the third party appears between it and its owner, whether the third party is human or other animals, the dog’s usual performance is to squeeze among them and try to push the third party away, animal psychologists think this behavior is related to jealousy.

Therefore, when it is necessary to raise multiple pets at the same time, the status of the dog with strong dominance should be improved. Meanwhile, the leader status or role of the owner must be strengthened. When two dogs have a fight, must have control force.

In the process of feeding, eliminate the behaviors that may generate jealousy as much as possible. The process of keeping pets is very interesting, and there are also many troubles at the same time, which test our ability to adjust and deal with relationships.

If we choose to feed dogs, we hope that we can take good care of them patiently. Every dog has feelings. What’s more, dogs are the most faithful friends of human beings. They may only have you as the master in their whole life, and they only love you faithfully.

I hope you can like such a lively and interesting dog, and also feel happiness and happiness from the process of raising a dog. Best wishes to you