Ten Interesting Dog Knowledge

Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. Many friends like to keep dogs as pets.Gloria will share 10 interesting little knowledge about dogs today. Do you know these little knowledge? Let’s have a look together.

  • Dogs can hear high frequency sounds

-Dogs can hear up to 45000Hz, more than twice as much as people. However, they are not champions yet. The porpoises can hear the sound of 150000Hz.

  • In the Bible, dogs are mentioned 14 times in total

-But cats have never been mentioned.

  • At the end of the famous Beatles song “a day in life”, there was a high-pitched whistle.

-It is said that it was recorded with the shepherd dog of Paul McCartney’s family.

  • The reason why the Standard Schnauzer looks like a bearded

-Because their RSPO2 gene has changed, which makes dogs grow thick eyebrows and beards. So, Standard Schnauzer really has a big beard.

  • A dog named Lycra

-In 1957, he became the first dog to board the space.

  • People raise dogs as pets, which has a history of 12000 years.

-Without dogs, human civilization would have been delayed for many years. For example, animal husbandry will be postponed for many years.

  • The dog and the owner will really have a “couple face”

-In a study conducted by the University of Bath Springs in Britain, people paired photos of puppies with photos of dog owners.
In the choice of one out of three, people have a more than 50% chance to correctly choose the dog and its corresponding owner.

  • Dogs also have emotions

-Austrian scientists have proved that dogs will feel unfair if they find that other dogs are treated better, and will produce a “aversion to unfairness”. Therefore, out of jealousy, dogs will work harder at this time in order to get rewards.

  • A study in 2006 showed that pet dogs raised by ordinary families can smell lung cancer and breast cancer with a little training.

-A Swedish cancer expert also found that dogs can distinguish different types of ovarian cancer. It seems that friends who have dogs might as well consider letting dogs play a guest role as family doctors.

  • Dogs have broken the intelligence limit of dogs defined by scientists again and again.

-Austria has a 7-year-old border sheepdog and even learned 340 English words.
As long as the owner writes out the words he knows on the paper, the sheepdog will make corresponding actions, including finding something.