Ten Methods Of Feeding Golden Retriever

  • Inject dog vaccine on time

First, after the dog is weaned, its maternal antibody will disappear. If the dog is taken out to play, it is likely to be infected with canine distemper and other diseases when contacting with the dog carrying the pathogen, therefore, vaccines must be injected for the health of dogs, and immunity must be strengthened every year.

Second, for the sake of the safety of the owner and others, we must give the dog a vaccine. Rabies is an acute zoonotic infectious disease caused by rabies virus, and there is still a lack of effective treatment for rabies at present, the mortality rate of human and animal rabies is nearly 100%.

  • Choose suitable dog food

Balanced dog food is the healthiest and safest food, and appropriate meat supplement is also ok. Calcium supplement is very important. The bone mass of Golden Retriever is large, so there is a great demand for calcium in the growth process to avoid the deformation of bones and legs. Special pet calcium plus vitamin AD pills can meet the needs.

  • Bathing can not be too frequent

Don’t take a bath frequently, frequent bathing will hurt the hair and skin, once every half a month in summer (except for taking a bath), it is advisable to do it once every 1 to 2 months in winter (it can be adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature).

  • Daily only need ear and eye cleaning care

Golden Retriever do not need to do beauty treatment, and it is enough to trim the sole hair and toenails frequently, so as to maintain the cleaning of ears and eyes in daily life.

  • Proper exercise and clean environment

Proper exercise is conducive to bone development, but pay attention to avoid moving on the grass to prevent parasites. Dogs are forbidden to smell the feces of other dogs, because most of the virus sources are transmitted through feces.

  • Pay attention to the dog’s eating and biting

Prevent from biting sundries, in case of swallowing foreign bodies and poisoning; It is forbidden to feed dogs with omnivorous food, otherwise they are prone to anorexia and gastrointestinal diseases.

  • Proper sunshine bath

Proper sun exposure is beneficial to dogs. Lack of sunlight will lead to hypopigmentation (such as nose fading). Sunlight can increase pigment, supplement calcium, kill virus mites and prevent skin.

  • Accommodation environment avoid damp and cold

Golden Retrievers are prone to arthritis and osteoporosis, so don’t let your dog sleep in a cool place. Pay attention to the climate change in winter to prevent cold, fever and respiratory tract diseases. Basically, Golden Retriever is very cold-resistant and does not need to worry too much, but in cold environment, it can be fed with high protein and high calorie dog food. In order to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on Golden Retriever, you can use a blanket or carpet to surround the dog cage.

  • Accommodation environment avoid stuffy heat

In extremely hot areas, due to the special skin structure and hair characteristics, Golden Retriever cannot bear the sultry and humid environment, so more attention should be paid. But when the weather is cool in the morning, take Golden Retriever out for a walk. At the same time, Golden Retriever likes playing with water very much. When raising outdoors, move the dog house to a place where direct sunlight cannot reach and keep it clean at any time.

  • Training excretion habits

Excretion: most dogs are doing outdoor activities, so they can be trained to excrete outdoors. During the period of puppy, it is very hard to train its excretion habit, but even if it is raised in the apartment, it should be taken outdoors to excrete.

Feeding Golden Retriever outdoors is more dangerous. Therefore, at night, you can put the dog house at the entrance (a transitional space between the indoor and outdoor) to make Golden Retriever gradually familiar with the outdoor environment. Even in the courtyard of his own home, it is dangerous to let Golden Retriever run around. Therefore, you can use a folding movable fence to surround a dog-specific safe game area to make Golden Retriever have a good time. When playing in the yard or outdoors, someone must be on the side.