The King of tropical ornamental fish__colorful swallow fish

The colorful fairy fish was first released in 1991. At that time, they were famous all over the world as soon as they were released. Because their appearance was very beautiful and special, many fish friends liked it very much, therefore, the colorful fairy fish is crowned with the reputation of “The Emperor of tropical ornamental fish.

Colorful fairy fish is a very beautiful aquatic pet, and there are also many parents who like to raise this kind of fish. The colorful immortal fish can be said to be the aquatic creature which is more difficult to be raised among the hot viewing fishes. In terms of all aspects of feeding, such as water quality, pH value, temperature, dissolved oxygen and so on, the breeders should conduct comprehensive regulation and control.

As the saying goes, if you raise fish, you should raise water first, so should raise colorful fairy fish. Before breeding, you should be familiar with the requirements of fish growth on environmental life. Then make an aquarium with enough space and stable environment to provide a suitable living place for colorful fairy fish.

When raising colorful fairy fish, the selection of filter material is also very important. A good filter material has good filtering effect and mute effect. Moreover, the selection of nests must be paid attention to. The nests must be transparent, so that the nitrifying bacteria can exist stably through photosynthesis and decompose the harmful substances in them. If the nesting is not transparent, the effect of bacteria cultivation is very bad.

Feeding equipment divinity fish also needs to do a good job in daily water quality management, and breeders also need to establish good concepts and breeding habits to bring the beauty of colorful divinity fish into full play, so as to improve the ornamental value of the fish. Colorful fairy fish is suitable for living in acidic soft water, with a pH of 5-6.8 and a water temperature of 26-29 degrees. Now people raise colorful fairy fish mostly using tap water, before raising colorful fairy fish, the tap water should be properly handled. Water quality and environment must not change sharply. The content of ammonia, nitrate and nitrate in water should be lower than that of other fish as far as possible. If it is a bare jar, water should be treated every day, and the amount of water should be positively related to the size and quantity of fish.

Pay attention to raising colorful fairy fish. Don’t raise a few fish in a jar, because it is easy to appear 1-2 “overbearing fish”. They will possess the bait and won’t let other fish get close to them, chase and bite other fish and so on. Therefore, the colorful fairy fish is more suitable for a dozen of people to be raised together.

The study found that the colorful fish is omnivorous, and the favorite ones are small insects and small insects. All the small animals in sports, colorful immortal fish are very interested. The second is the double-shell category, such as fresh animal meat (especially shrimp meat) such as naan, paibei, etc. In the process of feeding colorful fish, you should pay attention to the reasonable matching of various foods, and don’t just give it one kind of food for a long time, which is not good for the growth of colorful fish.

We can choose the fodder of harvest shrimp, red insect and so on from the fish fodder of colorful immortals. Before feeding, we must pay attention to disinfect the baits, and we can feed the live fodder to the fish after freezing treatment, in case the bacteria in the food enter the fish body, which will cause our beloved fish to get sick. When feeding, it usually only needs to feed three to five times, and it is enough to feed one time in the morning, one in the middle and one in the evening every day, it is important to pay attention to the fixed amount of food when feeding, so as to form a habit of colorful fairy fish, which is beneficial to the growth of colorful fairy fish.