Why are there not many people raising Corgi?

Corgi, the beloved dog beside the Queen of England, with short legs and big buttocks, is very cute when walking, and is very funny when running. However, there are still few people raising Corgi. What on earth is the reason why there are not many people raising Corgi?

  • Hair is easy to get dirty

Because Corgi’s legs are very short, the hair under the belly of Corgi is easy to get dirty, and it will be more easy to get dirty in rainy days. Therefore, Corgi feeding, you should always help him with hair care. If you have cleanliness, it is recommended not to raise Corgi.

  • Fragile bone and easy fracture

Corgi’s bones are very fragile, and the digestive system is also poor, so I am afraid that it will be broken after being beaten twice, so Corgi also has no fighting capacity, raising Corgi can’t let it climb too many stairs, which is not good for its lumbar vertebra.

And because Corgi are easy to fracture, they need to supplement more calcium. When choosing staple food for dogs, try to choose some natural dog food with high calcium content, high protein and low fat, which can effectively strengthen bones and make the bones of dogs harder!

  • Large amount of exercise

Although the Corgi is very small in size, there is a very huge and confident soul in the body. There is no difference between raising a small Corgi and raising a large dog, because Corgi exercise is very large, vigorous and curious about everything, so I have to go out for exercise every day to consume vigorous energy. It is suggested that you can do some training besides exercise at ordinary times to consume your physical strength.

  • Not easy to obey

Corgi’s character is very stubborn, and it is very difficult to force it to do one thing. Sometimes you want it to listen to you, please, it will ignore you! But for this point, we still need to train from an early age. The best period for training puppies is 4-5 months. We need to guide them patiently and repeatedly, if dogs do well, they can be rewarded with some nutritious snacks, such as dried chicken, goat cheese and a small amount of dog food. It is easier to train.

  • Very bad hair loss

Don’t say Corgi’s hair is not very long, it won’t lose hair, wrong! Corgi really has very serious hair loss. It is a double layer of fur, the inner layer is similar to fluff, short and thick outer layer is covered with fur, long and rough, the amount of fur is sufficient and thick, and the degree of hair loss is carried out every day, it is even more crazy when changing seasons.

In fact, in order to relieve the hair loss of Corgi, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job in the care of the dog’s hair; On the other hand, it is necessary to keep the diet light, because eating too salty food will aggravate the hair loss, and it is easy for dogs to suffer from skin diseases and so on.

  • Poor intestines and stomach, easy to diarrhea

In addition to losing much hair, Corgi is also easy to have diarrhea. After dinner, he drank too much water to have diarrhea. He ate too much oil to have diarrhea. When he was used to dog food, he suddenly gave it a piece of bread to have diarrhea…. Therefore, in order to be responsible for the intestines and stomach of Corgi, dog food should be chosen as much as possible with probiotics to protect the intestines and stomach health of dogs.

Snack canteen:
When training the snacks of Corgi at ordinary times, try to choose some snacks with low salt and low oil and moderate hardness. Besides training, you can also grind your teeth.Here, we recommend those with balanced nutrition, high calcium content, low salt 0 additives and probiotics, dog food for nourishing intestines and stomach with beautiful hair. With some fresh fruits and vegetables and meat, the dog is very nutritious.