Why do the most famous artists in the 20th century have a dachshund?

My muse is a seven-year-old brown sausage dog named Tina. When she was still a cub, I was deeply fascinated by her: her ears would swing gently like a small elephant, shaking her head like a seal, she walked like a platypus, and she always liked to catch my shoelaces. Before I saw Tina, I once made a sculpture called “Pray for the dachshund”, which had three heads and its tail bent inward, at that time, I hoped to summon a real dachshund through that work. My hope came true: in nengen, Bogen County, New South Wales, Australia, people rescued Tina from a pile of mud under the house.

The name of Teena comes from “Tena Pad”, a Swedish brand of diapers. She was named because of her shape-she looks really like diapers. In addition, Tina likes to roll back and forth several times every time she sees strangers, and then lay flat on the ground, in a unique way to commemorate this happy moment-to pee.

In 2016, Tina launched her own perfume-“Dog perfume”. She, together with Carl Stephanovich and Lisa Wilkinson, made an olfactory TV advertisement, it was broadcast in the morning of major television stations in Australia. On 2014, the “Tina’s bath time” exhibition was held in Bella exhibition hall of Australian Museum of Contemporary Art. A large Tina statue was placed in the exhibition hall, and visitors could help her take a bath. There is also a Tina doll device in the shape of a character, which is very popular. It is as big as the exhibition hall, and tourists are very sad when it is dismantled. Visitors were very concerned about Tina (because she didn’t like taking a bath), so someone left a message for her and made some suggestions, for example, “to overcome it is just taking a bath.” Also, “taking a bath can keep you fresh. You might as well start with washing your hands.”

Katie Dobbs, who has long been the chief editor of the magazine doll. She said: “One of my good friends has a sausage. I like it too much, so I raised a Frankfurt sausage dog myself later.” The friend she mentioned was Andy Warhol.

Warhol’s dog, named Archie, is a brown short-haired dachshund. They have always been inseparable. No matter to be interviewed or to Club 54, this artist would hold his own dog, and he would often be distracted by Archie.
Jerry Wei Li once painted oil paintings for Warhol and Archie. He said, “Archie is like a mirror of his master. He sat there, staring straight at people. Andy is also like this, saying nothing.”

On 1957, David Douglas Duncan, an American photographer, drove his Mercedes-Benz 300SL wings and took his pet sausage dog Trump to visit Picasso in a villa near Cannes. Trump usually lived in a narrow apartment in Rome. When he came here, he especially liked the countless rooms in the villa and The Pet Goat esmerada of Picasso, so he decided to stay. Duncan’s book “Trump: The Dog Who Ate a Picasso” has a chapter “The combination of Luo Lita and Trump”, it recorded in detail the encounter between Trump and the Luo Lita of the female dachshund dog, and Picasso also helped the couple of puppies complete their combination (relevant information added that one of my friends was once hired to assist the dachshund dog in mating, he told me “their bodies cannot be fully integrated, so they need a little human help.”).

Shortly after Trump lived in, Picasso used ink to draw the silhouette of the dog on the porcelain plate to celebrate their first lunch together. This photo was taken after that. Picasso was eating a long fishbone, and Trump was looking at him eagerly.

Trump accompanied Picasso for a long time, and their death time was only a few days away. Duncan described the relationship between them like this, “Picasso always shows a kind of sweet tenderness in his eyes when he looks at Trump. Once he said, “Trump has the best and the worst in us! ‘”

It is no coincidence that both of the two most famous artists in the 20th century have a sausage. Is it because the concentration and gaze of the dachshund make artists feel that they are on the top of the world? This question may be a little farfetched, but without Archie and Trump, would these two artists have achieved such high achievements?

American painter William N. Copuli was also deeply influenced by the dachers. He would draw the dogs into his own works, and there would be a dachers in all kinds of scenes in the paintings, such as car accidents, meat miners, naked women or beside the interior decorative patterns. Pierre Boner, a French pioneer artist, occasionally likes to paint like this in his works. His pet dachshund is sitting in a red and yellow room, or sitting on someone’s thigh at dinner.

the puppy of Franz mark, a German Expressionist artist, is called Ruth. His famous painting Dog Lying in the Snow is painted with Ruth as a model. This painting was also selected as the most popular painting by Frankfurt Steed Museum in 2008. We are not sure whether the dog in the painting belongs to a dachshund, but it does have a pair of triangular ears and a slender body. Ma Keceng said that in this collapsed world, animals are the only innocent and pure creatures.

In Alba in northern Italy, I saw the futuristic painter jakomo Barra’s painting the power of the dog with a belt tied. The Dachshund dog in the painting walks firmly on the street, but it looks like running on the oiled conveyor belt. Just a few hours ago, I watched Truman’s world on the plane. The role played by Kim Carey was broadcast live on TV 24 hours a day. In the process of discovering the truth, there was a scene that the dachshund was running wildly on the road. Its Belt was flipping in the wind, and its sausage-like body was also shuttling back and forth between vehicles.

The next stop of “The trip of dachshund” will go to Pasho, Germany, where a new dachshund Museum will be opened soon. Half of the exhibits are dachers and the other half are Comodo dragons.
Australian artist Bennett Miller is very familiar with the form of Dachshund. He has held “Dachshund United Nations” all over the world “. He narrowed the proportion of the meeting of the UN Human Rights Commission and replaced the UN representatives to attend the meeting.

British painter David hawkney is famous for his fashionable dress: striped elements, bow tie, fashionable pants and so on. He often appeared with his two dachshuns Stanley and Buji. They were always in the studio of hawkney, sitting on the cushion, snuggling up to each other, watching hawkney drawing. In Jacques Tati’s comedy movie my uncle, there is also a family pet like this-dachi dachi, who wears latticework clothes and integrates with modern furniture in the setting.

Hawkney created a whole picture book “Dog Days” for Stanley and Buji, specifically telling their stories. Hawkney wrote in the book: “I will notice how they look together, and I will notice their joys and sorrows. They all grew up in Hollywood, so when I drew them, they actually knew it.”

Why are dachshund so popular with artists? Maybe it is because the dachshund is the projection of artists’ self-consciousness. What’s more, the thoughts of dachshuns are absolutely pure. They can see the original appearance of the world: their own world and the world that they can get what they want. Tina also proved this point in the backstage of TEDx. There were 5000 audiences waiting in the venue, while she barked in the backstage by herself, so the staff hung a sign for her dressing room, it said: “If you want to knock on the door, just knock twice gently. Please be careful when entering.”

David Capra, the author of this article, is a performing artist in Sydney. He usually performs with his dachshund Tina.